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Beware: Google Penalties… Is Your Website Safe?

If you look around on a number of SEO forums, you’ll notice every time Google release an algorithm update that there are a slew of site owners complaining about losing traffic. Let’s be honest… Google employ some of the worlds leading minds to ensure they are not only constantly developing measures to rank sites, but […]

SEO, SEM and Social

Over the last decade business owners have built a website with the idea of getting extra business, especially as they try to compete during tougher economic times. There’s a growing trend of ‘Smart Business Owners’ that seek the help of online experts to make their websites perform well on the web, ensuring they are actually […]

Make Your Marketing Juice Worth the Squeeze

If you’ve had a website for a while and have been trying to get more business from it, then you are probably acutely aware of how difficult this can be to achieve. Your existing customers know about you, and can probably find you using a Google search if they type in your business name, but […]

Online Media Makes Your Marketing Dollars Count

Lets face facts – no matter which way we look at it, the internet is taking over. It is now the primary resource for customers to find products and services in almost any industry. Although there may still be some need for traditional forms of marketing, in most cases if you don’t have an effective […]