• Dear valued customer,

    The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain a basic understanding of your business: Please take your time to complete this form as the information provided will be beneficial to the overall success of your Campaign.

  • Your Business Overview

  • (The business/company name to be listed within the directories/listings. This name must match the website business name).
  • (i.e. www.onlinespecialists.com.au)
  • (e.g. we manufacture parts for model airplanes and distribute worldwide)
  • (e.g. We are a law firm specialising in family law)
  • Listing Information for Directory Submissions and Google My Business

    The purpose of the following questions is to assist us in the submission process of your business to a range of article, directory sites and other Google resources.

    These online resources require credible and accurate data in order to maximise the results, others simply utilise this data to minimise the level of internet spam.

  • (The name of a company / business representative which may appear on the various listings – generally we use the business owner’s name)
  • (this is only used for the set up of Google services to ensure that the business has full access - not listed)
  • Your company address will be used by the various directory listings to provide consumers with the company’s physical location.

    Important note: if the company address is private, the business will not be listed in the directories where address details are mandatory. Additionally the address will be suppressed in Google My Business only displaying the suburb location.

  • If applicable, please list additional business / office locations above.
  • For example:
    - We are based in Brisbane and service the Brisbane / Gold Coast region
    - We are based in Brisbane City and have an approximate 20km service area
    - Our head office is based in Sydney however we service Australia Wide
    - We have multiple office locations around Australia, each servicing their direct area (e.g. distance or state)
  • It is a requirement of Google My Business to list the businesses trading hours. Please list these above (e.g. Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-4).
  • (This is the main number listed in the directories)
  • (This is a mandatory field for a number of Australian directories – Mobile numbers are acceptable)
  • To be displayed within your Google profile (e.g. info@xxxyyyzzz.com.au)
  • Existing Social Media Presence

    In the event the person handling the company's social media is different to the main company representative, please provide us with their contact details:

  • Does your business have a presence on any of the following social media platforms? If so please provide us with the details (e.g. link to your Facebook Page):

    (commonly referred to as Google Places / Maps of Google Plus)
  • If so, please provide us with access details for this listing:

  • Google My Business allows us the opportunity to include a short introduction / description of the products and services offered. We recommend that this introduction outlines the main products and services and also highlights any points of difference. Our team can create a description for your business however if there are any specific points you would like to have included, or you would like to provide us with a completed description, please provide us with details or include below.

    Note: descriptions can be up to 4000 characters in length however we recommend for them to be short, sweet and be an elevator pitch that convinces a reader and potential customer to contact the business.

    If so, please provide us with access details for this listing:

  • Company Logo Please provide us with a copy of your company logo (to be used as your company profile image in directories and Google My Business). Please email to your account manager. Should we not receive a copy of the logo, our team will copy the logo off your website.

    Company Images It is beneficial to include relevant images of your products or services on your Google My Business listing.

    Please provide us with up to 10 relevant and unique to your business images (please do not include stock photos). These can include products, images of the team, images of the office (items that are relevant to your business and industry). Please email to your account manager. Should we not receive any images from the business, where applicable, our team will copy some images off your website.

  • If so, please provide details (e.g. Our business has an existing Youtube containing a number of suitable videos or we have a number of videos on file which can be uploaded / shared)
  • Website Access

    Part of our process involves us making on-page changes and the ability of addition of content to improve the width and depth of your site.

  • One of the key strategies of building authority to a website is to increase its width and depth.

  • (e.g. if your business specialises in property management, article ideas could include: What is a rental bond or what is a tenancy agreement)
  • (e.g. We are a law firm. Our practice does not deal with criminal or property law)
  • Google Gmail Account for Online Specialists

    Depending on your circumstances, we may need to set up or claim your Google My Business Listing, set up Google Analytics (reporting), Webmaster Tools and Alerts for the business. Additionally, our team will list your business in a range of online directories.

    We recommend that for this purpose, a separate Gmail address is set up by the business. At Online Specialists we can set this email address for the business (and provide you with full access) however it is preferable that it is actually created from the business location. This is done for a number of reasons:

    - We require remote access to this email address to verify / create listings. Gmail allows us this access.
    - The account can be linked up with the various Google products and services
    - Gmail does not have a non use deletion period, meaning that it won't be deleted and you won't lose your website data should the account be unused for an extended period of time.
    - If the account is created by the business, you will always have full access to all of the services linked up to it.
    - It is preferable (but not required) that the account is created at your business location as Google are able to track and verify the IP addresses. This just makes the account a little more legitimate in the eyes of Google.

    When setting up a Gmail account, please ensure that:

    1. You use a 'real person' as the representative. Using fake names breaches Google's terms of service meaning the account may be delete. Please note, the details of the representative will not be displayed.
    2. Please select a username xxx@gmail.com that is easy to remember and is related to your business e.g. bestcupcakes@gmail.com or bestcupcakesonline@gmail.com
    3. Please select a difficult password which contains numbers and letters
    4. Please list a genuine mobile number and recovery email address should we have any issues accessing the account in the future. For more information on how to set up a Gmail account, please contact your account manager or view the following short video http://screencast.com/t/JFMub2xJoQjM