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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media allows you to communicate a consistent and constant message with your audience across a number of Social mediums.

It is important to look at social media from a holistic approach, understanding the best angle of entry based on your competitors activities along with a few very basic social rules of engagement.

This combined with a plan of how this will support your other online activities will ensure you are able to measure the return on your campaign.

When working with Online Specialists we demonstrate the best point of entry based on the competitors within your market space.

We prefer a strategic approach to your Social Media Marketing methods and focus on the best methods to gain a measurable result on your campaign.

Here’s how we work with you to build a consistent online profile for your client:

As a part of each social media package we use a brief questionnaire to ensure we are covering the topics most relevant to your business and avoid any subjects that may be detrimental to your business.

We work with you to optimise your different social platforms ensuring they are up to date with your most relevant information

We set up a series of initial posts (we may have additional questions at this stage as we’re honing your message and public voice)

As soon as you give us the Green Light we start to post on your behalf on a regular basis Your accounts can be as hands free as you like.

Where Do You Post On My Clients Behalf:

Google +




We find once you take control of the campaign many clients will randomly post when they see information they consider ‘Share Worthy’ whilst other clients never log into any of the accounts once we commence posting on their behalf.

Why Our Social Media Packages?

Our Social Media Campaigns are proven to work due to their simple approach to gaining Authority in your industry.

Here’s how we will work with you to gain maximum exposure and interaction for your client:

We use a unique method of keeping an eye on trending content relational to your industry, allowing us to flag relevant LATEST stories allowing you to position yourself as an authority in your market space

We administer your social sites every weekday, including updates and additions daily to gain more interaction from your followers

Our team of social media professionals are trained at the best use of content and the best ways to use each platform (eg. The correct use of # in twitter posts)

We monitor your engagements from a reputation management perspective and flag any negative or spam comments and flag (or delete and block if given permission)

We use different content mediums to engage your audience in different methods (all pre-approved in advance)

If you add content to your site on a regular basis we can schedule to post this content on your social profiles (this includes text, audio, video and images)

Certain level plans include engagement, reaching out and sharing of your followers posts and information (based on the criteria within the initial questionnaire)

All posts are MANUALLY placed by a media professional and we do not engage in any automated posting software

The Top 5 Benefits of Our Social Media Packages

There are many benefits in working with us to maintain and grow your social outreach.

Here are the top 5 reasons you can confidently use our Social Media Packages:

1. Google index and use Google+ and Twitter posts as a part of their algorithm, so it directly benefits SEO

2. Once you’re set up the process is totally ‘hands free’, allowing your client to focus on other key areas of their business

3. They can build your brand and social awareness for a dramatically lower investment then controlling in-house

4. Your clients followers will see social messages placed every day meaning you will be communicating to the marketplace with regularity and consistency

5. As a part of your campaign we Reputation manage your different social platforms meaning we are able to flag any negative or comments that may be of concern for your business

Finally, We monitor your social sites for spam like behaviour and will forward any direct points of contact or interactions to keep you in the loop.

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