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Online Conversion Strategies

To understand where your customers are coming from online, you must first measure the NUMBERS.

This will give you valuable insights on what visitors are doing and help you to create a plan to fit within the ‘Strategic Direction‘ of your business.

Your ‘Strategic Direction‘ may involve your website, social media, landing pages and another untapped areas your totally unaware of that could benefit your business.

In reality, for most small to medium businesses this ‘strategic direction’ is usually to boost your customers, turnover & profits and if you don’t understand the best combinations it can seem each strategy is useless for your business.

‘In today’s world it’s critical to understand how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together to ensure you are getting the most from your online presence’

The Internet Vs Offline Advertising

20 years ago when you chose to advertise your business the main available options were yellow pages, newspapers, radio and TV.

Whilst each medium was great in it’s time, the biggest challenge was in understanding which one worked best and more importantly how many leads you received.

Sure you could screen calls and put systems in place to measure where the business came from, but the biggest issue was the accuracy of the information and how many people within your target market saw your advertising.

What has changed now?

In todays online world you can easily understand:

How many people see your business

How different online methods work for different types of people

How many visitors you get

How long they stay

What they do when they are there

Their Gender and Age

Likes and dislikes

What they’re talking about and more…

This is the strength of working online.

Once you understand what your visitors are doing you can compare this with what you would like them to do, and create a strategy to align with your end result.

You can also tailor and create different approaches dependant on the online medium (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Your Website, etc.)

How Online Specialists works with Small to Medium Business

At Online Specialists we work with clients at different stages to help them to measure what’s working best within their online presence and to understand additional online methods that could benefit their business.

Our approach is ‘Information Driven’ using your existing data and data of your competitors to formulate a specific plan for success.

This is taken to the next level where we measure the effectiveness of those strategies and how we can tweak each area to continually improve the result.

Our extensive experience with over 87 industries combined with our constant approach to measuring data offer the ‘Perfect Balance’ of experience combined with the ability to follow the latest trends and react QUICKLY!

Remove the confusion and discover the best way to get your business found online. Call us Today on 1300 855 943.