Is It Possible For Me To Do My Own SEO?

The landscape around SEO is constantly changing, yet at the same time staying the same.
Let me explain…

For over a decade Search Engines have been very clear on the key elements they would like to see around a businesses online profile.

Over the years there have been several ‘Tools of the Trade’ that have allowed you to Trick the search engines into ranking your site above other sites that still contain valuable content.

In the last 2 years the Search Engines (especially Google) have developed to the level where they are able to better measure the key elements of a well optimised and authoritative online presence.

The Biggest Issue With SEO Is The Information That’s Available

At Online Specialists we are approached on a regular basis by Business Owners that have attempted to complete their own SEO using old school and frankly BAD techniques.

As the Search Engines are finally able to effectively measure the key elements of a well structured and authoritative the key elements that need to come together on a well built and maintained online profile.

If these are not structured correctly you can actually cause more damage than good.

When this happens you would either give up or start the search for a company that can identify and correct the issues, causing an amount of time where you’d have to undo the damage and then start from square one.

What Skills Would I Need To Have If I Wanted To DIY SEO?

There are a number of important skill sets you would need to posses in order to DIY SEO your own site:

Strategic Marketing Experience

Basic Programming Knowledge

An excellent understand of Google’s Quality Guidelines

Copy Writing

Sales Funnel creation and implementation

User Experience knowledge and application

Medium level design skills


Like any other task, it is possible to ‘learn’ these skills, but you will require a strong acumen for technology combined with marketing principles.

The MOZ SEO guide is an excellent resource if you would like to learn more about DIY SEO.

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