Why Content is King!

If you are a business owner, you or your team may have heard of the phrase ‘GP is King’ (GP standing for Gross Profit). While for many traditional retail businesses this is true, in the world of online marketing that term in most cases has been superseded by another: Content is King.

Why is Good Content Important?

There are a number of reasons why quality content is vital to the success of any website. Whilst access to quality information is important to the end user, it is also equally important in the search engine optimisation process of your website. Let’s take a closer look at why these two factors can contribute to the success of your online marketing strategy.

End User Experience

Without good content, a website is simply a bunch of words on an Internet page. Although the website may be able to generate a nominal amount of traffic, it may serve very little purpose to the business unless the content is captivating. By displaying quality content, the end user needs to feel comfortable to either make an online purchase or to contact the business. In other words, content builds credibility and trustworthiness.

How Quality Content Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Rankings

Many websites were affected by the recent updates of Google Algorithms. These recent changes were designed to target sites containing minimal or poor quality content.

If used effectively, quality content can easily affect the performance of your website on the Internet. The main reason why quality content is necessary simply comes back to Google’s principle philosophy, which is ‘To create a perfect search engine’. More specifically, Google’s goal is to understand what the end user needs, and to provide them with what they want. This again falls back to the theory that Content is King.

By regularly updating your website, you are demonstrating to Google that you are striving to align yourself with their ultimate goal. The more often you update your site, the more often Google re-analyses your site (caches), which often results with positive movement in rankings. If you are updating your site in the form of adding new pages such as articles or blog posts you are also expanding your website in depth. Again, if this is done using original and quality content, this is again something that you can be rewarded for by the search engines.

Finally, writing quality content in the forms of articles, blogs or press releases helps your business to expand its online presence.  These pieces of content can be submitted to various article directories, news sites and so on. Additionally they can be set up as a marketing pieces bringing in additional traffic. For example, if you are reading this article on our website, you may find that another version of this article has been posted somewhere else on the Internet. Or if you are reading this article on someone else’s blog or website, you will most likely find that it links back to my site, that is unless someone has stolen my content for their own gain… if that is you, please at least acknowledge me as the writer by providing me with a link ;).

Although content is not the only factor when it comes to the optimisation process, it certainly heavily contributes towards the credibility factor of your website. This credibility is not only vital from an optimisation perspective, it is also something that will contribute towards the conversion of your sites visitors to customers. Taking that into consideration, how do you think visitors and Google view your website in it’s current state?