What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is simply Digital Marketing.
A number of elements a usual SEO campaign when we work with clients would include:

Identification of Technical Issues (page load times, URL structure, etc.)

Reviewing and correcting existing SEO  activity

Keyword Research

On Page Optimisation

On Page Structure

Off page relationships and link building

Conversion rate optimisation (including landing pages, conversion funnels)

User Experience

Social Media exposure (from an SEO perspective)

Paid Advertising (from a supporting SEO perspective)

Other business relationship opportunities

These are a number of elements that are important to consider when working with a client and need to be reviewed on a regular basis.

With all of this in mind, SEO is still the most COST EFFECTIVE method of advertising your business and still outperforms many other methods of other ‘old school’ forms of marketing?

The Cold Hard Facts On Search Engine Optimisation

Research indicates that an on average 75% of people using search engines are looking to buy products or services. (source – Neilson Net/Ratings March 2008)

Even more interesting is a statistic that indicates Australians now use the Internet more than they watch Television. (source – Neilson Net/Ratings March 2008)

An average 12 Month SEO campaign is cheaper than a single, prominent half page ad in the Courier Mail, Morning Herald and other mainstream newspapers.

SEO offers a higher return on investment than Pamphlet Drops, Newspaper Advertising, Direct mail, Radio Advertising, Cinema Advertising and Television Advertising

The Problem With The Old School Model Of SEO

1. Choose a whole lot of keywords
2. Stuff those keywords in pages you want to rank in the search engines
3. Point lots of links back to those pages, using the keywords you want to rank for.

Beyond 2011 SEO has evolved and it is more important TODAY to understand the right way to Position YOUR Business online in order to achieve. While this model used to work well before 2011, in todays world SEO is all about positioning your business as an authority in the marketplace.

In reality, it’s more important now to make sure you’re getting the RIGHT ADVICE if you want to get REAL RESULTS with your website.

The New SEO Model

The search engines are very clear that in order for them to rank your website in the search engines they want to see:

Fresh unique content that engages your target market

A well structured website that is visible to the search engines and engages your end user

A technically sound website that loads well and is fully visible to your entire Audience (including mobile users)

An Easy to Understand Theme throughout your site that relates to your business

Consistency throughout your online brand

Social measures like how often people share

Compliant links and methods of attracting authority to your site

This is always the foundational focus of Online Specialists to ensure you are gaining maximum exposure today and in the future.

This new SEO world is becoming very complex which means it’s more important RIGHT NOW to understand the best way to approach SEO in order to get those REAL RESULTS!

The Importance of the Foundation

There are many parts to an SEO campaign from ensuring a website it is fully compliant to the search engines through to promoting your website in such a way where you are more visible to your customers.

SEO is more than just RANKING for keywords… It’s about exposure, traffic and conversions.

At Online Specialists we look at a websites the way your customers and the Search Engines do.

We only use PROVEN and COMPLIANT techniques to ensure you gain the maximum return on investment today and in the future as the Search Engines continue to release additional updates.

Call 1300 855 943 or arrange for one of our Online Specialists Team to Contact you to discuss the best SEO solution to suit your needs.