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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is broken into several key elements that can be summarised into 2 key points:

Ensuring Your website is compliant to the Search Engines

Increasing the Authority of Your brand around Your specific niche

When you decide to hire an SEO company it is important to understand how they will focus on these 2 areas and remain transparent around the techniques they use.

Not only has the Internet changed over the last 10 years SEO as people use the internet differently, the search engines have adapted and evolved to ensure they are offering the most relevant and best results for the people that use them.

With all of this in mind, SEO is STILL the most cost effective way to generate Leads and Customers into your business.

Every Man and their Dog know how to do SEO, but in reality 80% of people only know enough to be dangerous

Here’s The Problem

Anyone that has used SEO in the past will understand techniques that what used to work longer than 12 months ago, no longer work today.

Many SEO companies still focus primarily on LINKS, LINKS, LINKS where in reality a well structured SEO program focusses on a number of important areas of your actual website and how and the type of websites that link back to you.

In fact… SEO is now a medium for experienced professionals skilled in several disciplines of marketing, with a special focus on how to optimise your website and other online mediums with the intention of increasing your Exposure to the Search Engines.

The Importance Of a Well Structured Online Presence

According to Google (the worlds most dominant Search Engine) successful Search Engine Optimisation is measured in the ability for your business to create compelling content that others will share to position yourself as a market leader in your industry.

To delve deeper when creating content you also need to ensure you are offering that content in a way where it offers value to your end user.

For example, if you were to create content around Spider Bites. In order to offer real value to your end user you should focus on other pieces of content and pages that discuss and support this subject.

This is listed below:

Spider Bites

Spider Bite Types

Spider Bite Treatments

Seasonal Spider Bite instances

Spider Bite Case Studies

Other Spider Bite Resources

By creating your content in an easily accessible fashion and at the same time focussing on being the Authority on you topic will ensure the search engines will act favourably to your business website.

Creating this style of content can be achieved by anyone with a little technical knowledge but in reality being able to apply that content and profile to ensure you are not only complying to the Search Engines at the same time capturing the appeal of a REAL HUMAN BEING is why Online Specialists is the choice for many Australian Businesses.

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