Online Media Makes Your Marketing Dollars Count

Lets face facts – no matter which way we look at it, the internet is taking over. It is now the primary resource for customers to find products and services in almost any industry. Although there may still be some need for traditional forms of marketing, in most cases if you don’t have an effective online presence you are massively limiting your business to just a handful of customers in comparison to what you could be doing.

The marketing industry at the moment is in a constant state of time restraint. When you compare the time it takes to organise your print campaigns, proof copy and actually go to print, you could have published your campaign online and seen immediate and measured results. I concede that utilizing print can be useful, but will be far more effective when your campaign includes a push towards your website, not to mention the costs of advertising in print, in comparison to the substantial savings in advertising online.

Marketing dollars being spent in online media and search optimization are miniscule in comparison to traditional media methods. In many cases, where companies include an online marketing component to their budgets, but have not yet reduced their existing marketing budgets, the yield from their online campaigns far outweigh those of traditional methods, making the acquisition of clients using online methods a far more financially intelligent decision.

Our new generations of consumers want their information, products and services fast and on demand. The fact is that when they look for information on anything, whether it is for purchase, product or service, there is a 90% chance that they will turn to an online method to find what they want and most of these consumers won’t go past the first page before selecting a site to visit. It is an uncomfortable truth for some, but a truth none the less that if you are not competing for a front page position on Google, you are not doing enough to compete in today’s marketing environment.