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How Social Should I Be With My Business

A recent study showed 72% of businesses that have a online marketing strategy include Social Media within that strategy. The biggest challenge though is how do you measure a return on investment, especially as the more time you give to Social Media, the more it can take. In this video we discuss how social you […]

7 Basics Every Website Needs To Succeed

Getting found in the Search Engines, Bringing in Traffic and Getting Customers from your website come back to 7 simple principles. In this video we cover the different ways people view your website and the foundational areas you need to have a website that flourishes now and in the future. These really are compulsory if […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internal Linking

How you structure and set up your website plays a BIG part on how your website ranks in the Search Engines. In this video we discuss the importance of Internal Linking and how you can you can either have amazing results or have your site crash and burn if you ignore these basics.  

Should I ‘Google Now’?

Whenever I ask a client or team member the number 1 way to perform research, they instantly say ‘Google It’. Google have always played a strong part in the growth of the Internet and for over 13 years have been committed to the growth of their online community. They have released and acquired (whilst invested […]

Does Google Adwords Impact Organic Rankings?

I’m asked this question a lot, so thought I’d cover it off in a short article. The short of it… NO! The 2 algorithms are separate and they the organic algorithm ignores the adwords algorithm. I have come across the question a couple of times and one person that was certain that there was a […]

The Growth of Mobile Users and Mobile SEO

When I was a kid I loved watching Star Trek. The idea of mini computers you could hold in your hand (called tricorders and communicators) to communicate, interact with the environment and to use as a medical tool seemed so futuristic. All I ever wanted as a kid was my own tricorder. Fast forward to […]

Quality Content V’s Keyword Stuffing

Content is King!!! This is a common term that is thrown around in the world of SEO. It does lack one small element… Quality! Although Google have always encouraged quality from the very beginning, due to Google’s more recent Algorithm updates (over the last 12 months) this focus is coming into the foreground as SEO’ers, […]

SEO and Social Media – Is this the Missing Link

For the last 2 years, Google have pro-actively integrated social media (especially twitter) through ‘Google Realtime search’. It shows the strength of social media, especially when comments are re-tweeted and in certain circumstances, shown in the Search Engine Results Pages. Sounds like a good idea for a person searching on a certain topic? If a […]